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Holistic Health Center in Camp Springs, MD.

Ideal Body — Holistic Health Center

Ideal Body Chiropractic + Nutrition is a holistic health center which nourishes the body-mind-spirit. In fact, it is now commonly accepted among the brightest minds in medicine that there is no separation of our triune nature. Man has a body, a mind and a spiritual essence, and anything that impacts any one of these parts, automatically affects the other two, because, in reality, we are exquisitely and complexly interconnected. 

It was my earliest intention to create a healing oasis, where we would combine the best of traditional healing practices with the latest in modern science and technology. Accomplishing that vision was neither quick or easy. It was a 25 year labor of love to finally see this dream come true in early 2012, with the completion of our new wellbeing center. 

Chiropractic, on a superficial level, addresses the various joint articulations of our spinal skeleton. In this regard, when joints fail to move properly, chiropractic “adjustments” are skillfully and safely applied to restore normal motion. This almost always results in an immediate feeling of increased well-being by the patient. On a deeper level, hands on chiropractic treatments help to “turn on” the inherent life force, “chi” or “prana”, in the body electric. Our chiropractic services are second to none.

Our diet and nutrition program not only facilitates our patients’ weight loss goals, but critically, it helps to maintain muscle mass and stabilizes blood sugar levels. This results in increased energy, improved biomarkers and heightened self esteem.

Our massage therapy services and natural products release stress on deeper levels of both body and mind. Our massage therapists are highly trained professional with years of varied technique expertise. They utilize specially formulated combinations of oils, salts and steam to detoxify, cleanse and deeply relax the body and mind- having woven into our massage therapy services many of the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic Indian healing therapies, currently used in some of America’s most prestigious spas.

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