Dr. Ron SingerDr. Ron Singer has been in practice for over 29 years providing caring chiropractic treatment to his patients in Prince Georges County, Maryland. He graduated with honors from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1985.

Finding his way to Chiropractic

A seminal event in Dr. Ron Singer’s career occurred in 1971, when as a result of a ski accident, he was left with a fractured vertebra in his lower neck.

After spending six weeks in a hospital circle electric bed, and another month in a full neck to chest orthopedic brace, he felt very fortunate to have just survived the accident without serious complications. He found himself with frequent neck and shoulder pain, as well as residual numbing into several fingers on one hand. His neuro and orthopedic surgeons were unable to recommend anything other than pain pills for relief.

Dr. Ron Singer discovered a gifted chiropractor in his native Western Pennsylvania, who provided him with great chiropractic care-successfully relieving his chronic pain from the ski accident. Because of this healing, he found his true vocation in life and became a Doctor of Chiropractic. Through his personal experience of pain, Dr. Singer easily empathizes with his patients.

Even after 29 years of practice, Dr. Singer still loves to share his passionate vision of natural healing with patients and friends.

The role of Holistic Health in his life

Dr. Ron Singer and Sally NashHis deep interest in holistic health began as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1960’s. Over many years of nutritional study, he has gleaned tremendous information from several of the ancient healing traditions from around the world. He has studied Chinese Medicine, and since 1984 has been a serious student of India’s Ayurvedic Medicine, which he incorporates into his daily practice.

In his leisure time, Dr. Ron Singer enjoys running, cycling and eating delicious and nutritious foods with family and friends. Dr. Singer is married to Sally Nash, a natural foods chef, and head coach in the diet program.