Our Patient Testimonials

Read our patients’ chiropractic testimonials, massage testimonials, and diet testimonials below. Then, book an appointment with us!

I have been a patient for over 20 years . I have lumbar spinal stenosis, generalized osteoarthritis in hips, ankles, and severe in the right knee. I especially like how Patti, Diane, and Sally run the office. They are always accommodating especially when there is an immediate visit needed.   Dr. Singer has always been a good listener and suggests various exercises to help me manage my chiropractic problems. The water bed and roller tables are the greatest. I highly recommend this practice. *


Since 1990 I have been suffering with pain in my neck and lower back as a result of a hiking accident. Using traditional treatment with pain medication was not an option for me and finding lasting relief has been challenging over the years. Then I found Dr. Singer and after 3 treatment sessions I begin to feel like myself again. Many thanks to Dr. Singer and his wonderful caring staff!!!  *


Since 2006, the care I have received from Dr. Singer has been a complement to my overall health regimen.  Dr. Singer’s compassionate, competent approach helps relieve and manage stress-related muscular and skeletal pain that I experience in my neck and lower back.  Through massage work with Andrea Dorsey-Dillion, LMT I have experienced additional relief from symptoms of stress-related pain and stiffness in my lower back / hips, upper back, shoulders and neck.  Andrea has taken the time to learn about me as a whole person and how my body reacts to the world around me.  It feels good to receive care from professionals who know how to help me release that stress through regular chiropractic and massage therapy. *


When I first visited Dr. Singer’s office I don’t know where I hurt the worst, my back or my neck. Since I’ve been receiving treatment with Dr. Singer I’ve noticed a huge difference in pain reduction. I also suffer from migraine headaches and the treatment has reduced the severity of them. I can’t pick a particular therapy I like the best because it all helps and feels so good. I’m feeling much better.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Singer, Diane, Patti, and Sally. From the first phone conversation with Diane when I made the appointment, I knew this was the place for me to get the help I needed. They are the most wonderful people!!! Come to think of it, they are additional therapy. Since then, I’ve met Sophie and she has added joy to my visits. *

~Sylvia Cohen

Dr. Singer has helped me a lot! *


I came in with severe back, neck and hip pain. Now my pain although not completely gone. It is manageable. I continue to get regular chiropractic tune-ups. *


Chiropractic Care is always great. I am able to walk and stand again, Dr. Singer is the best! *


I have really appreciated Doctor Singer and his staff at Ideal Body. They have been patient, thorough, thoughtful and holistic in their attention to my injury. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend them. *


Getting a massage at Ideal Body, is like getting a little piece of heaven and a great piece of mind! Ms Euraine Brooks is a professional who has not only helped me with extremely exquisite massages that have helped me to feel not only physically better, but mentally better! I can always count on a great experience when I go to the Ideal Body for a 60 or 90 minute massage or Foot Soak and Leg massage. *

~Bobbie Yates

 Through massage work with Andrea Dorsey-Dillion, LMT I have experienced additional relief from symptoms of stress-related pain and stiffness in my lower back / hips, upper back, shoulders and neck.  Andrea has taken the time to learn about me as a whole person and how my body reacts to the world around me.  It feels good to receive care from professionals who know how to help me release that stress through regular chiropractic and massage therapy. *


The massage therapy helped my legs and back muscles greatly. *


Wonderful! I have fibromyalgia and if the touch/pressure is wrong it can trigger days of pain. Every massage I have received at Ideal Body has given me total relief and relaxation. *


I am very allegiant to my spa and was skeptical. I must say my treatment far exceeded my expectations. The Therapist (Euraine) is thorough, very professional and truly concerned about her patient’s healing. I couldn’t give more of an accolade. *


My weight-loss journey with Ideal Protein has been very successful! Sally, has been my coach and she is great. I started the program January 21 and as of today I have lost 116 pounds. The products are tasty and the diet is easy to follow. *


I truly thank God for you and Ideal Body! Because of my weight loss journey, I now have the confidence to start a business to help other women feel good about the way they look. I have started a part-time business as an independent fashion consultant. *


I lost 55 pounds in 8 months. It is over a year now, and I have still maintained my weight by following the Maintenance Protocol.  I do come in and purchase the IP products to this day. It has been a rough road -but I persevered.  I feel great and I have a lot more energy! *


When I first arrived at Ideal Body in November, I was 40 pounds overweight and in insulin resistance. As a full time nursing school student, military wife and mother, I was not making it a priority to take care of myself. My doctor told me that if I did not lose the rest of the weight I gained from having twins in 2011, I was going to be a type II diabetic. I attended an information session and decided that I was going to stick to the Ideal Protein program and give it my all. It is now March and I am 38 pounds lighter and feel fantastic. All my health problems have resolved and I actually recognize myself again when I look in the mirror. I want to thank Sally so much for being a wonderful coach and support system for me. She has helped me learn techniques for managing my stress and taught me that being healthy is about lifestyle changes not fad diets. My journey was been so wonderful and life changing and I can’t thank the staff at Ideal Body enough for giving me the tools to take back my health and my body. *


Since joining the program, Sally has monitored my progress on a regular basis, even when was away, she called me to see how I was doing. Sally explained the phases of the program in a very professional manner and I was able to implement them easily within my daily routine of eating. My success in the program is because of Sally’s steadfast tutoring and the use of common sense in dieting. I lost 37lbs. *


I’ve lost 6lbs and the food is so good. My weight loss goal is 20 more pounds, Ideal Protein works for me!! *


Looking forward to the new diet and getting a new body. *


When I first came to Ideal Body, I weighed 183. I am now 153. I have 13 more pounds to go to meet my goal. I could not have done this without Sally. I am a new person physically and emotionally! Sally has been very patient and understanding during my plight. Tikki too! I have been here for a year and I’ve always been welcomed and uplifted. Sally has empathized with my personal issues. *


So far, I have lost 10lbs since January 3, 2015. I am motivated, inspired and positively your number 1 fan because of my results. Everything that I have been told regarding the Ideal Protein program and philosophy has proven to absolutely true. I am encouraged by the support and eagerness of the facilities staff in helping me reach my goal and I watch all of the teaching videos to address my concerns and help me stay focused, stay on track and succeeding in making healthy choices. *


Initially I lost a total of 50lbs. I followed the plan and it was very easy. I quit following the protocol and gave into my self-will and have gain. Back on protocol I have less pain, feel great and looking good. Sally is the best. *


The Ideal Program has been a blessing. I no longer take any medications for diabetes, my blood pressure medications have been reduced from 120ml to 20ml. I am down 4 dress sizes. I’ve lost over 30lbs with 25lbs more to go. Sally is the best. She has been so much more of a coach to me, she has become my friend who truly cares about me. *


I have lost 80 lbs. so far on the Ideal Protein plan. My weekly weigh ins with my coaches Sally and Tickie is what keeps me on track to reach my goal. I love the support that I receive from the whole staff of Ideal Body and I am so grateful that I am on the Ideal Protein plan and look forward to reaching my goal and pursuing a new lifestyle of eating. *


Ideal Protein has provided me with an Ideal Solution for my weight problem. I am so very pleased with my results and for the first time “ever” I feel that my goal weight is within reach.
Sally provides a wealth of information and encouragement at every corner. I look forward to a long Hot Healthy Summer with Ideal Protein. *


It’s Going Down Baby! This is what I said every week I met with Coach Tickie. The fat went down YES! My total body weight change to date is 13 pounds (8 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of LBM) I’m a lean body muscle machine! Absolutely love my results! Education, Motivation and Accountability with an awesome group of coaches. This is what Ideal Protein gave me. I now understand the science behind the madness of losing fat and gaining lean body mass. I’m always curious why things happen and the cause especially as it relates to weight loss. Ideal Protein gave me that missing piece I needed to succeed. Sally and her team are Awesome! *