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Win the Holiday Party Game and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

Navigating the holiday parties and events can be very challenging when you are on a diet or just trying to maintain. Our advice – make a game of it and be the winner!

Make a Plan

  • List out all your events and parties on a calendar.
  • Make a plan for each event and get advice from your Ideal Body coach.
  • Set a goal for the event that doesn’t involve food. Focus on truly connecting with people or making a new friend or catching up with an old friend. Learn something new about each person at the party. Compliment each person you see and meet sincerely. Be engaged with the people not the food.
  • Keep your glass full, while at a party. Full of water, that is; sparkling water or flavored water
  • Give yourself a curfew. Don’t stay long enough that you get hungry or tired enough to give into temptation.
  • Enlist help from a spouse or friend while at the party to be your buddy and help you stay on track.

Avoid Holiday Weight GainGet Dressed Up

  • Choose one of your “maybe one day” outfits in your closet (the one you keep in hopes of fitting into it one day) With all your hard work, you may be surprised what fits you!
  • Treat yourself to a new outfit that matches your new exterior. That’s motivation to maintain your new body in and of itself!

Don’t Go Hungry

  • Eat something before you go to a party. Don’t arrive hungry.
  • Carry a protein bar with you at all times! If you’re hungry, you’re more likely to go off your diet.
  • Choose a restricted item to be your holiday treat. Try a new one from your clinic to make it more special.
  • If someone offers you something to eat, it doesn’t mean you have to eat it. If you do slip, stop yourself at the first bite – do not have any more. And do not allow one slip to tempt you to give up all together. Don’t be taken in by the lie: “Well, I blew it. Might as well just eat what I want.”

Remember Your Goals

  • Type up your goals for weight loss in your phone or write it on a piece of paper to carry with you. Whether it’s to feel good in your own skin or to be around for your kids as you grow old, you need to stay motivated.
  • Remember that one cheat day will set you back an entire week. Is it really worth it?

Reward yourself for not cheating with something special. A small purchase, talking to a friend, watching a movie, a hair appointment, or massage can be a motivating reward with zero calories. Reinforce new habits with pleasure to replace unhealthy food rewards; this is the key to avoid holiday weight gain.

Want more tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain? Contact the weight loss experts at Ideal Body. Have a plan in place after the holidays – start with Ideal Protein today.