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Are you at risk for diabetes? With years of research behind it, Type 2 Diabetes was linked primarily to obesity. While it’s true that obesity is a contributor to the number of cases of diabetes, there is a shift in the way we perceive this disease. Diabetes can strike unhealthy skinny people too, as this group is seeing an increase risk in developing diabetes.

Diabetes develops as a result of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream. When the blood sugar levels rise your body makes and releases insulin. Secreted as a hormone, insulin allows the body to use the glucose found in our food. To understand the difference, type 1 diabetes occurs when your body can’t produce adequate insulin; type 2 diabetes happens when your body can’t use the insulin it makes.

The relationship between type 2 diabetes and body composition is increased body fat levels. In recent years, research has determined that body fat and diabetes are directly related in the sense that visceral fat contributes the most to diabetes. By definition, visceral fat is the excess intra-abdominal fat that wraps around major organs and causes serious health issues.

Poor body composition has its consequences! Your risk for diabetes increases by a number of factors including: age, family history, genetic background that you can’t control. However, there’s good news, you can control your body composition and decrease your chance of developing diabetes through diet and exercise.

Healthy body composition is important to fight not only body fat and diabetes, but other conditions that arise from poor diet and lack of physical activity. By improving your body composition, you also avoid muscle loss, which is detrimental to your quality of life in the future.

It’s not about how much you weigh, but understanding your body’s needs. The fight against diabetes is tough, but you can come out winning. We want to work with you to determine your body composition – request your free body composition at Ideal Body today! Be sure to also sign up for our FREE Body Composition Workshop on August 26th, 2017 at 1 PM to learn more about body composition and why it matters.