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Spinal Manipulation is the “bread and butter” technique which distinguishes chiropractor services from all otherWe are a Maryland chiropractor. Suffering from back pain? Contact us today. healing arts and sciences. Also known as an “adjustment”, this hands-on technique requires years of training to not only perfect for proficiency, but to prevent injury or harm to the patient.

Manipulation of joints, either of the spine or extremities, requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Chiropractic students spend hundreds of hours in cadaver dissection and anatomy labs learning specific detail about each and every bone, muscle, blood vessel and nerve of the human body. Only after mastering this essential knowledge, may the chiropractic student begin practicing the art of chiropractic adjusting. Over the next four years, the student spends countless classroom hours practicing on one another, the dozens of adjusting techniques which will eventually become honed over many years in practice. Much as the skilled surgeon must first know the science of his or her discipline before he can begin to perfect the art of the operation, so must the skilled doctor of chiropractic know the anatomy and pathology of his specific patient before he can successfully deliver the proper treatment.

What is an adjustment?

Ideal Body offers chiropractor servicesWith hands placed upon the patient’s spine (or upon another joint surface), the doctor delivers a quick, high-velocity thrust, which results in an immediate release of tension in the joint and surrounding muscle tendons. Frequently, there may also be a “popping” or “cracking” sound accompanying the adjustment. This sound, though not necessary to a successful outcome, represents the auditory release of nitrogen gas within the synovial fluid (lubrication) of the joint space. The crucial element of a successful adjustment is not the sound of the “pop”. It is, rather, the actual movement, or, “unsticking” of the previously stuck joint. Most of the time, the patient will experience minimal or no discomfort from the adjustment. Often, the person will feel an immediate sense of relief from the adjustment.

Many, but not all, chiropractors are trained and licensed to administer physical therapeutics as adjuncts to the adjustment. Our office uses several state of the art technologies to enhance repair and healing of injured or painful tissues. Among them are the following: Impulse IQ, Hydrotherapy, Intersegmental Traction, Electric Muscle Stimulation“The Stick”. We have been a trusted Maryland chiropractor for over 30 years.

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