Looking For a Fibromyalgia Doctor?Fibromyalgia Doctor in Camp Springs, MD

This is a complex condition, often referred to as Fibromyalgia Syndrome, where the person experiences pain of muscle and fibrous connective tissue over large areas of the body. In addition, there is often sleep disorder, fatigue and joint stiffness. Though there is little consensus about cause, there is a growing sense among experts that prolonged and chronic stress is part of the picture.

Chiropractic, along with stress relaxation techniques and improved nutrition, has improved many of these patient’s lives.

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Gentle Chiropractic Care successfully treats these conditions and injuries. Dr. Singer will prescribe a treatment plan combining Spinal Adjustments and other physical therapy modalities specific to your specific condition or injury.

Dr. Singer is a Fibromyalgia doctor in Camp Springs, MD. Meet him here.