Looking For a Neck Pain Doctor in Camp Springs, MD?

Neck pain is nearly as common as back pain. In fact, the very same underlying causes of back pain are responsible  for both conditions – sprains and strains, disc injuries, facet joint irritation, and pinched nerves.

Neck Pain Doctor in Camp Springs, MD

One might assume that neck pain would be more common than back pain because of the structural differences between the neck and back. Whereas the back is generally more protected from excessive motion, due to support of the rib cage and pelvis, the neck is relatively free to whip around without much limitation. This is the reason that “whiplash” occurs so frequently in rear-end car crashes. Nevertheless, neck pain is slightly less common than back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Gentle Chiropractic Care successfully treats these conditions and injuries. Dr. Singer will prescribe a treatment plan combining Spinal Adjustments and other physical therapy modalities specific to your specific condition or injury.

If you’re looking for a neck pain doctor, look no further than Dr. Singer at Ideal Body Chiropractic. Meet Dr. Singer.