Need Help with Sciatica? Help with Sciatica in Camp Springs, MD

Sciatica refers to the condition where the sciatic nerve is painful and inflamed. This very large nerve runs from the sciatic notch in the mid point of the buttocks all the way down the back of both thighs and legs to the ankles. It is composed of five different nerve roots, which start in the lower back and end in the sacrum (tail bone). Imagine lifting your hands out in front of you, your five fingers on each hand flow into your forearms. This is similar to the five nerve roots joining together to from one large sciatic nerve on each side of the buttocks. So even though one feels pain mostly in the buttocks or legs, the source of that pain is from the lower back.

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Gentle Chiropractic Care successfully treats these conditions and injuries. Dr. Singer will prescribe a treatment plan combining Spinal Adjustments and other physical therapy modalities specific to your specific condition or injury.

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