Physical Therapy at Ideal Body Chiropractic

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Physical Therapy in Camp Springs, MDElectric Muscle Stimulation is a type of physical therapy that utilizes Interferential and Russian wave forms to penetrate muscle tissue, to break down muscle spasm, and to stimulate endorphin (natural pain relievers) production, to promote tissue repair and healing.

Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction is a type of traction which uses mechanical pressure to gently lift and stretch the muscles and joints of the spine, while the patient is lying comfortably on his or her back.


Hydrotherapy is the use of water to promote healing. Used around the world for millennia, hydrotherapy is now merged with high-technology in the form of “dry hydrotherapy”. Our office uses the most advanced dry hydrotherapy technology in a bed and chair format to deliver the best in water therapy in the most comfortable manner for our patients.

Physical Therapy in Camp Springs, MDThe “Stick”

The “Stick” is a mechanical instrument which uses patented Intracell technology to release painful knots and spasms in patients’ muscles. This is done before the patient receives their adjustment, in order to make the adjustment more comfortable and longer lasting.



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