In 23 weeks (that’s less than 6 months!), Clarissa lost:

  • 46 pounds
  • 47 inches
  • Her body fat percentage went from 39% to 26%

Many say you gain weight because you get comfortable. Well, in my case, I got into Ideal Protein because I was tired of feeling UNcomfortable. It took me a while from when I heard about the program until I finally did it. For me it was two things mainly: I wanted to start taking steps to get healthier, and I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes. I have a huge sweet tooth and, honestly, I thought I probably would not be able to stick to it. But it was doable. It took me a little longer to get to my planned weight—lots of travel and the occasional straying—but time flew. And Sally and Tickie were so supportive and helpful along the way! Now I’m more conscious of what I eat. I haven’t forgotten about those sweets, I just try to be more balanced about it. And in these crazy times when so many things are beyond my control, that is at least one area I can do something about :)”


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