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The World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on diabetes this year, as it has become a worldwide epidemic. The United States has one of the largest populations of diabetics. Read on to find out how your diet affects diabetes.

How we eat can change our health. Consuming too many carbohydrates and sugar in our diet can make us ill by contributing to high glucose and insulin levels in the body.  Elevated or exaggerated amounts of insulin  causes dysfunction of the pancreas, make us store fat rapidly and can result in the onset of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This cluster of conditions is known as Metabolic Syndrome.

Eating to control or regulate our blood sugar can help stop storing unwanted fat, reduce glucose, and help us control the effects of diabetes on the body.  By eating a diet low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, with the proper amounts of protein and healthy fats, the body can become stabilized.

For the past five years, Ideal Body has helped hundreds of clients to lose fat safely by reducing carbohydrates and maintaining correct protein and fat consumption in the diet. This highly safe and effective protocol helps our clients reduce their glucose and A1C levels so much, that they are able to reduce their medications, and in some cases, can completely eliminate the need for their drugs entirely.  Blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides also improve. The focus of the protocol is to burn our stored fat as energy, while maintaining important lean muscle mass. Learn more about the diet.