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The holiday season is a time to think of others, but the generosity of the spirit starts with your own well-being.  Here are three simple ways to support your health as you diet during holidays.

Be aware the holidays tend to start earlier and earlier.

Nowadays even before Halloween candy goes on clearance, you can buy holiday decorations. This may be good for the retailer, but not always good for consumer. Because the holiday season is almost 60 days long, it is easy to fall into the “what the heck, it’s the holidays” attitude. Give yourself time; take an extra week before the madness of shopping, baking, and parties begin. Use this time to stay on track with your fitness routine, maintain disciplined eating habits, and prepare mentally for the holiday rush.

Choose to run the holidays rather than letting the holidays run you.

Ponder what is important to you and the holiday you celebrate – maybe it’s time with friends and family, cooking traditional family recipes, decorating, shopping, church services, or volunteering. Focus on what makes the holiday most satisfying for you and say ‘yes’ to those activities. Everything else, consider a firm ‘no’ this year.

Remember the basics.

You may have a few late nights or an extra glass of wine or even a decadent dessert, it’s all part of the season. To recover and bounce back quickly remember the basics, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and take a few minutes to de-stress each day. This is the most important thing to remember as you diet during holidays.

Gifts to ourselves are always welcomed. If you find yourself over your head with too much holiday celebration, you may be ready for the gift of weight loss and a new you. Sign up for a FREE Weight Loss Workshop to learn more about how to diet during holidays and give yourself the gift of a healthy lifestyle!