Euraine’s Tune-up

I needed to do an Ideal Protein tune-up. I’m was up 10 pounds! After losing in 2014 I committed to no more than a 10-pound gain — loosing 10 is a lot easier than loosing 20 or more. My mantra — I’m in CONTROL. I never want to get back to my highest weight gain ever! It feels good to feel good! I HAVE CHANGED.

I handled this tune-up a little differently this time. I wanted to incorporate what I learned from coaching clients. Learning can be a two-way street and I love my clients’ honesty and determination. I was hearing a common theme – NO PLANNING! 

Planning Makes us Successful

This time I decided to do pre-planning. Now instead of just writing down “what I ate,” I wrote down what I’m “going to eat.” I noticed many of my clients keep track of what they ate in their head and very few write it down using their “Daily Journal.”  According to the stats, 80 percent of those who journal are more successful at losing weight – journaling holds you accountable. I created a weekly journal where I wrote down meals I would prepare for the week. I went to the grocery store and purchased my week of vegetables and meat. On my weekly chart I wrote down every breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack and IP food. That really took some time! I was amazed that certain meals didn’t make sense for me to prepare certain days. I found out that on Friday’s I had to change my strategy for what to prepare. The weekend was different too. On weekends I had the opportunity to cook more and switch up from Monday thru Thursday routine. You really learn something about your habits when you write it down. 

Benefits of Planning

Guess what! I made one trip to the grocery store that week. I placed my weekly menu on the refrigerator an WOW I didn’t have to think about what I was going to prepare. And
it worked! For the following week, I’m going to use that meal planner and tweak the vegetables only. OK dieters, preplanning is another resource to keep us accountable. Here is my abbreviated technique – meats for week (duck breasts, turkey cutlets, wild salmon) my favorite vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, kale/collards) from Phase 1, and IP food (chocolate readymade drinks) three time a day. I keep it easy and quick.

Great Results

I lost 5 pounds preplanning, saved several trips to the grocery store, and didn’t sabotage myself. Most important I didn’t have to guess or be clueless well into the week. I’ll see how well I do for the 2nd week and will keep you posted.