I’m on a natural high after last week. Very proud of the 5 pounds I lost. Lesson learned – preplanning was the key! Now I’m going to share my second week adventure.

The second week gave me different results. Here is what I noticed. I needed to switch up on my IP foods. I had more restricted – love those brownies and lemon wafer bars. For me, that didn’t work. I did lose 2.5 inches which was great. I guess we are all programmed to think it’s all about the scale.

However, I am not discouraged. I’m going back to my IP Chocolate Drinks.

The Plan

I kept my same pre-meal planner from last week. Substituted ground turkey this week for duck breast. For the vegetables I added spiraled zucchini – zucchini noodles to accompany ground turkey.


If you don’t have a Veggetti you must get one. You can spiralize yellow squash or zucchini – looks just like spaghetti. This is what I prepared on the weekend because I had the time and motivation.

My IP food for the second week included the following:

  • Ready Made Chocolate Drink basically for breakfast and lunch. I did have the Double Chocolate Brownie last Thursday because I’m in the office for eight hours and needed a big boost to get me thru the morning. The brownie makes my coffee taste sweet without any sugar or any other sweetener. Great morning treat! I also had the Lemon Wafers for nightly and weekend snacks. I will cut that back next week.

My pre-meal planning was easier the second week because most of what I went shopping for was the same except switching up on one meat and one vegetable. . I do need to change up on my IP snacks (cut down on the carbs).

To The Point


My Point – we basically eat the same meat. Chicken and fish one week – beef and ground turkey another week — soups (with vegetables and meat) are pot luck fabulous. Usually we only like what we like when it comes to vegetables – so buy only what you like and alternate. It’s no mystery when figuring out what you are going to eat.

I leave you this week with a great quote to live by: No more excuses. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”