Coaches Corner – Body Composition

August 26, 2017 | 1:00 pm - 02:30 PM
4701 Old Soper Road, Camp Springs, MD

Contact: Ideal Body | | 301-449-3330










It is Not WHAT you weigh that Matters, It is the COMPOSITION of your Weight.

In this Coaches Corner we will learn about the composition of our body and why it matters how much Lean Mass we have in relation to our Fat and Water.  The Composition of Lean Mass to Fat to Water is essential to overall health of our Body.  Having appropriate Lean Mass is the Number One Bio-marker to sustaining Good Health.  The presentation will enable us to have a better understanding of how and why it is important to achieve our weight loss goals and to maintain that target weight.  We will include a comprehensive review of the InBody Composition report.

These monthly Lifestyle Workshops are to help support you in your education about a healthy diet, to connect you to a community of like minded people and to achieve your Lifestyle goals. Each Workshop  is formatted for plenty of discussion, questions, connection with your peers, and helpful information.
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