Coaches Corner – Retrain Your Brain

April 6, 2019 | 1:00 pm - 03:00 PM
4701 Old Soper Road, Camp Springs, MD

Contact: Ideal Body | | 301-449-3330

Coaches Corner

Life Style Building And Living:

Train Your Brain to lose Weight and Keep it off!

Anybody can lose weight, but few take time to understand why they gain it back, and what they can do about it. Most of us envision a life of perpetually on Phase 1 and that’s not fostering a healthy lifestyle. This is the first part in an interactive series of Coaches Corners that will focus on self-awareness, behavior modification, medical research, and the use of cognitive therapy techniques to modify, and hopefully eliminate destructive habits that can sabotage your Ideal Protein Program.

These monthly Lifestyle Workshops are to help support you in your education about a healthy diet, to connect you to a community of like minded people and to achieve your Lifestyle goals. Each Workshop is formatted for plenty of discussion, questions, connection with your peers, and helpful information.

Join us for important Information and Inspiration on your Journey to a Healthier You!

What our Clients are saying about Coaches Corner:

“The class was so inspirational and encouraging for me. I really appreciated all the dialog between Tickie and the members who attended. The class participation between the members  helped me to understand that this  is a challenge that I have to conquer. I get it.  I truly want to express  my sincere gratitude to Tickie who really opened my eyes to understanding that  I can do this.”                              Glenda

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