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Trick or treat? Do not trick yourself by thinking that just one treat will be ok – you will be the one receiving the trick!Halloween Diet Tips

We think of Thanksgiving as the start of the holidays, but when it is about sugar, we are talking Halloween! The best way to get through any holiday or event is to plan, plan, and plan and follow our Halloween diet tips. Do not let those sugar goblins surprise you, or that Halloween witch put a sugar curse on you! Sugar is addictive. Once we cheat, we are more likely to cheat again.

This week at weigh in discuss an individual strategy just for you to stay on your diet and not get tricked. Your treat is losing that 2 pounds and fitting into that new dress!



Halloween Diet Tips:

  • Instead of giving out sugary treats, try apples or little toys like glowing worms and eyeballs, fun stickers, fake tattoos, or if you are crafty – make something cute or scary. Good for the Trick or Treaters and no temptation for you.
  • Do not buy your favorite treats – again, less tempting. If there is candy left over give it to the last arrivals.
  • Ask for help and support! Tell family and friends that you are trying to reach your goal, so you are not having any candy or sugary treats. They will help you.
  • Change the focus of the event. Make it about just the fun of dressing up and having a good time without the food. Make it about memories and connections to your friends and family.
  • If this really is a favorite holiday and you like to dress up, show off the new you! Do not hide under a big bear or gorilla costume! Wear that dress or suit you have not been able to fit into for 5 years.

Just remember you are not dieting forever; it is only a short window in the scope of a lifetime, but when you cheat, it takes longer. Want more Halloween diet tips? Contact Ideal Body today!