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The Health Benefits of Regular Therapeutic Massage

The health benefits of massages are many. Research shows that massage can reduce stress and anxiety, help with acute or chronic pain, release endorphins and amino acids that trigger the body’s natural healing, and with regular treatments, reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind.

Experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress-related. 

It is impossible to rid our lives of stress, but we can control our response to stress. An excellent way to reduce the effects of stress on our health both mentally and physically is to incorporate regular massage therapy treatments.

Over time, a week, months, even years, the effects of stress take their toll on our health. The pressure builds much like in a pressure cooker, if not released the cooker explodes. If the valve is tapped periodically the pressure is released. Our response to stress can be reduced by tapping and releasing that pressure on an ongoing basis so it does not build and cause disease.

Making massage therapy a part of your plan to reduce the effects of stress is an excellent choice. Budgeting and scheduling massage at regular interval relieves stress and is a wise investment in your health.

Massage is no longer a luxury or pampering – it is an essential modality in reducing stress and increasing our state of good health, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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