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Dieting during the holidays can be tough. Follow these top holiday diet tips for success during the November and December months.

  • Cultivate your true holiday spirit and focus on giving, not receiving.
  • Holiday Events can be difficult to navigate while on a diet. The first thing to do is PLAN. Come up with a plan for each event with the help of your coach.
  • Make the focus about the people you are with, not the food.
  • Since you have already lost weight – go looking in the closet and find that favorite party outfit, it may just fit.
  • Zero calories – Reward yourself with a new dress, a purse, a tie, shirt, shoes or even a trip to the salon or manicurist.
  • Always carry an Ideal Protein Food with you so if you are temped or hungry you can have something.
  • Try using our Water enhancer to put in your water so that your drink is special and festive too.
  • Ask a friend or spouse to be your buddy at the party to keep you focused.
  • Don’t stay too long at the party!

We hope you enjoyed these holiday diet tips. Have more tips to share? Post them in the comments below so that others can benefit – remember, we are all in this together!

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