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Frequently, patients will tell me that their physician has either started them on, or has recommended, that they begin taking cholesterol lowering medications for elevated cholesterol. Often, their blood test numbers are in the 200-240mg/dl range. For many patients in this category, it may be unnecessary to take the drug. Keep reading to find out how to treat high cholesterol naturally.

One should consider all of the results in the typical ” cholesterol” blood test, known as a lipid panel. Besides total cholesterol, it will contain levels for LDL (the bad cholesterol), HDL (the good one), and triglycerides. More important than the single total cholesterol number is the total number/ HDL. So, let’s say that the total cholesterol is “high” at 240mg/dl, but the HDL is also “high” at 80, the ratio would be 240/80, which equals 3.0. Research with millions of people over the last 60 years reveals that when the ratio is 4.5 or less, you have a reduced risk of heart disease. So, before ever starting one of the “statin” family of cholesterol lowering drugs (which all have some bad side effects), you should first try a diet like Ideal Protein consisting of very low carbs (starches like bread, potatoes, anything with sugar), high quality proteins and good fats, like olive oil. Even 6-8 weeks on such a diet can dramatically alter, and improve, cholesterol and the other blood fat levels. Learn more about how the diet works and sign up for a free introductory workshop that will explain how to treat high cholesterol naturally! Good luck!