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Salads play an important role in nutrition for clients on the Ideal Protein Protocol. In fact, dark leafy greens provide a plethora of healthy vitamins and fiber with each bite. However, the salad dressing is just as important to the nutritional value of meal. That’s why Ideal Protein-versatile salad dressings can marinate meat and vegetables or add an extra flavor boost to an already prepared dish. Here are three Ideal Protein Salad Dressings we love:

Italian Dressing

With classic flavors of oregano, basil, and thyme, this herbal melody performs a symphony for the taste buds. From the first taste, this zesty Ideal Protein dressing delivers excitement and anticipation for the next bite. This hearty dressing clings nicely to other ingredients on the plate for a culinary experience like no other.

Honey & Dijon Dressing

This creamy creation denotes the sharp spicy flavor of mustard combined with a sweet goodness for a traditional collaboration. Great as a dip or glaze, this multipurpose condiment compliments chicken, turkey or pork. With this in mind, liven up your next picnic and add it to a summer slaw recipe.

Classic Balsamic Dressing

Infuse any dish with a touch of Italian flare. Developed for all phases of the protocol, this classic dressing aligns to meet the requirements to keep your goal within reach. This Ideal Protein dressing will be a mainstay in your kitchen to accentuate salads, marinades, dips or drizzle as a finishing touch.

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Ideal Protein understands a salad without a topping is, well, just another bowl of lettuce. For that reason, Ideal Protein strives to offer options that compliment your weight loss transition with simple and delicious choices. Before you know it, you will be in the final phase of the protocol with an arsenal of tools, techniques, and products to maintain your success for years to come. To begin your weight loss journey, contact us for more information about Ideal Protein.