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The number one biomarker for a healthy body as we age is how much lean mass we have. 

Each year after the age of 40 we lose 1% of our lean muscle. Working out, to build lean muscle by lifting weights and resistance training, helps build muscle. But, we must also consume the correct amount of protein just to maintain our muscle. Eating good quality proteins such as organic beef, chicken, fish and seafood along with high protein plant based proteins is essential in our diet to maintain muscle. The importance of muscles cannot be underestimated.bcaa

Building muscle is not easy. A quality grade medical protein drink can aid in maintaining and increasing muscle. Another choice is to use a supplement of Branched Chain Amino Acids. BCAA have been used by the body building and athletic community and are now available and recommended for anyone trying to be healthy and maintain or build muscle. BCAA is a supplement to help build muscle. When taken before and/or directly after working out, it can promote increased muscle.

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How much lean mass do I have? Find out what your Lean Mass is by making an appointment to have your free body composition analysis.

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