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When we think about body composition, there are key factors to success, like eating quality food in the right amounts and ample physical activity to stay toned. Diet and exercise are important tactics for body composition as well, so is a plan of action. In order to stick to your goals each day, develop healthy habits that work in sync with your lifestyle.

According to research conducted by the National Weight Control Registry, weight loss management boils down to healthy habits and choices. Tracking over 10,000 dieters, researchers found:

  • 94% increased physical activity; walking being the most popular
  • 78% ate breakfast every day
  • 75% stepped on the scale weekly
  • 62% spent less time in front of the TV
  • 55% of participants lost weight with the help of a coach or program.

What can you do to improve body composition? Routines and repetitious behavior are the foundation of habits. If you make a routine of coming home and heading for the couch instead of taking a walk around the block, this is a sign of an unhealthy habit forming. Patterns or behaviors become automatic and it takes a conscious effort to make changes. However, there is a way to overcome these hard wired habits; you can create a new neurological regimen to overpower those unhealthy habits. Here are two tips to improve body composition to keep in mind:

  1. Increase your physical activity. Start with taking the stairs instead of the elevator, this simple mindset will trigger other positive actions. You may find yourself parking further away to gain a few extra steps of physical activity each day. Before you know it, little habits like these are the catalyst to a lifetime commitment to a healthy you.
  2. Add quality protein to your diet. Known as the building blocks of muscle, protein is a great way to maintain body composition. Unfortunately, most people, especially those over 60, don’t ingest the quality protein they need. In fact, protein intake can prevent or slow down muscle atrophy and maintain muscle mass, especially in older adults.

Ongoing maintenance is the key to proper body composition. If your goal is to get stronger, faster, and more nimble, or just maintain your current strength and body composition levels, we can help. Request your free body composition at Ideal Body today! Be sure to also sign up for our FREE Body Composition Workshop on August 26th, 2017 at 1 PM to learn more about body composition and get more tips to improve body composition.