If you are looking for massage therapy in Camp Springs, MD, look no further than Ideal Body. Explore our massage options below and meet our massage therapists.

Ideal Relaxation Massage

A full body relaxation massage is beneficial for relieving everyday stress, loosening any general tension in the muscles, and giving you a deep state of relaxation and well-being. This Swedish technique relaxes and revitalizes the muscles and calms the mind. The therapist will use light to medium pressure using Ideal Body Balancing Massage oils to further enhance the calming effects of this basic yet essential tension relieving massage. If you are new to massage or just need a relaxing treatment this the massage for you.

60 minutes | $75.00
90 minutes | $100.00

Ideal Therapeutic Massage

Consult with your therapist for a customized massage focusing on areas of chronic muscle tension. Therapeutic massage is perfect for relieving muscle tension or discomfort and improving range of motion. If you suffer from stiff, painful trouble spots in the neck, shoulders, back, and/or muscle tension associated with workouts, this is the perfect treatment. The therapist will apply medium to firm pressure to include deep tissue techniques for constricted muscles (known as knots) using our Ideal Body Massage oil blends to deepen the experience. If you feel specific trouble spots need extra attention but you would still like to receive a full-body relaxation massage, a 90-minute massage will benefit you.

60 minutes | $85.00
90 minutes | $110.00

Ideal Stress Buster Massage

30 minutes to focus on just one tense or painful area of the body. In this treatment we target your choice of Neck, Shoulders, Back, Feet, or Hands. This is a great time saver and a good way to experience the healing effects of massage. But be warned, once you have tasted the relaxing, and healing power of massage you will want more! 

30 minutes | $45.00

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