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We are excited to announce that we are doing another Roller Bed Auction for charity! Because our auction was so successful last month, we are going to be auctioning off another roller bed in August. This time, we are saying goodbye to our roller bed to make room for another new massage chair, the NEST.

As you are aware, these roller beds are super relaxing and almost give you an adjustment while you are rolling. Many of you ask us if you can take it home with you. Well, now you can!

We are taking bids on the roller bed. Whoever places the highest bid will get the roller bed and that money will go to the local food bank as a charity donation from Ideal Body. This is the perfect opportunity to have this relaxing therapy at home and do something to help others. It is a win-win!

Place your bid by filling out the form below by August 9th. Winner must arrange for their own pick up and transport. This could be as easy as a friend with a pick up truck.

Top bid so far: $250

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