Week 7 – August 9, 2016

Body Fat Percentage: 37.18%

Goal: 30%

Pounds Lost: 11
Inches Lost: 17.75

The Same

Just as I have predicted I have stayed the same this week. We have our Granddaughter here visiting and it has been difficult to stay exactly on protocol. I planned for this and knew that it was going to happen so I am not upset and realize the consequences of not losing. We have more family coming this week and more celebrations and events. I will more than likely GAIN next week from Glycogen Loading. When we cheat, even a little, this takes us out of Ketosis and the body gains weight. What we gain is Glycogen (energy stored in the muscle from Carbohydrates). It takes us 3 days to get back into Ketosis (seriously). It is not good to keep going in and out of Ketosis because the chances of losing muscle are high each time we do it. Besides, we never get anywhere with our weight loss and we are wasting time and money. We are also not being committed to our diet.

I planned this part of my Diet Protocol and knew that I would not be losing during these 2 weeks. As soon as the company is gone and the events are over I will be right back on my Phase 1 protocol and even Happy about it! I want more than ever to get to my Goal!

There is a difference between cheating and planning. Make sure that if vacation is coming up or some other event we help you navigate it with a plan. Planning is good, it will help us once we lose weight and are maintaining our goal target weight. Cheating – just not good.

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