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We started our 2015 “Tune Up” the first week of January. Ideal Protein recommends a Phase 1 ” Tune Up” at least once per year while on Phase 4 just to reset the body and take off any unwanted pounds gained during the year. Phase 1 can be used during the year after Vacations, Holidays, and “Major Slip-ups”.

Patti – She sailed through her “Tune Up” and was done in 10 days. She uses her Phase 1 throughout the year to keep her weight in check and is very disciplined!

Euraine -The holiday is over and it’s back to Phase 1. How thankful I am to have this maintenance plan. Phase 1 is like an extended warranty; I get a chance to tune up and replace negative carb-eating habits. And yes, I had more carbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas than the law allows. But, Phase 1 has given me an orderly process to adjust my weak habits and prevent unwanted pounds from multiplying. I do admit I suffered through the first three days of removing glycogen but now I’m off the binge and delighted to be back in “control.”

I came across a great recipe that was hearty yet within the plan using cauliflower. I cooked up Cauliflower and Shrimp Stir Fry. Never knew cauliflower could taste so good! I simply grated up two cups of cauliflower by using my blender. Cauliflower came out like rice. I sautéed a cup of celery, half red pepper, and a cup of shredded kale leaves in a tablespoon of olive oil. Then I added about 7 medium shrimp (seasoned with a little Old Bay) and tossed around until fully cooked. I then folded in the cauliflower for about 1 minute just to heat. Oh my, after putting it on my plate I added a few drops of soy sauce. I did the happy dance because the taste was so satisfying and filling! Of course I could not eat it all so I saved the other half for next day’s lunch. 

Sally – This has been a busy year and a holiday season of over indulgence. January has gone quickly and I actually like the feeling of getting all those carbs out of my system. There are always challenges with anything we want to accomplish, changing our lifestyle and diet are no different. While on Phase 1 it is the perfect time to learn what our food habits and triggers are so we can get them out of our life! This time for me the struggle was not eating enough. I know some of you can relate to this. Like most of you I have busy days and I am not hungry while on Phase 1. This does not work, we need to eat to keep our metabolism “burning our Fat”! This is what I did to help me keep on track and eat all my food.

Enlist Help – Ask family, friends, and colleagues at work to remind you to take time for yourself to eat.

Be Prepared – Make a routine of preparing your food ahead of time. If you have your food prepared,you are more likely to eat it. At each meal make more than you need so the next meal is already prepared. Have little bags or containers of your favorite veggies already cut up to eat. If you are really busy you can always get in 2 cups of veggies this way ( many of you witnessed me doing this!)

Make it Simple – Keep your meals simple but tasty. Indulge yourself with what you like. Buy and prepare the veggies you love and prepare them in different ways.

What has been yummy to me these past few weeks (along with the staff) is cauliflower cooked in many ways; riced, puréed, and roasted or in soup. My other favorite is Zucchini Pasta made with a spiral cutter ( cheap $12 at many stores). It is so fast, sauté it quickly add a few fresh pieces of tomato, season with garlic and basil or other herbs and 2 cups goes down very easily.

All of you are doing great! Just keep going! You will get to your goal and we will help you. You are not alone on this path.

Want to Restart or Tune up?

If you have not started your tune up join us; no time like the present! Just call the office or make an appointment. Remember, you do not have to pay the QuickStart fee again. Just get your food and let us weigh, measure, and remind you of your diet protocol.