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StressLess Club: Your Personalized Stress Management Plan

Stress is so detrimental to our health! Do you have a plan for reducing and managing stress? We make it easy and cost efficient!

Most disease and health conditions start from Stress. Our days are busy and long with little time for our body and mind to rest and recover from the accumulation of constant stress.

Reducing stress and our response to stress is an important factor in improving our health and well-being. 

Massage is a proven and important modality in reducing physical, mental, and emotional stress. Therapeutic Massage is not a luxury it is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle and you deserve it! Make Massage a part of your regular plan to reduce stress for a healthier body and mind.

Our mission at Ideal Body is to help you create YOUR Ideal Body. Everyone should have a plan to reduce stress. We created our StressLess Club as a way for you to bring regular massage therapy into your life. Our StressLess plan encourages you to schedule regular professional, therapeutic Massage every month at an affordable price.

It is easy to get started. Choose the plan you want and make your first appointment .

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