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Releasing stress from the body and mind daily, weekly, and monthly can prevent the build up of stress in the body and mind. Accumulated stress in the body contributes to the decline of our health both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here are some tips for relaxing that we recommend to incorporate into your StressLess Lifestyle.

Immediate Stress Relief

First on the list is Deep Breathing. When we are stressed or anxious we are breathing shallow and fast keeping the body in that stressed state. Deep breathing signals to the parasympathetic nervous system that everything is ok; the heart rate and blood pressure lower and our mind and body relax. The great thing about deep breathing is that it can be done almost anywhere and at any time. By practicing deep breathing you condition the body and mind so that when you use the technique in times of stress the response is almost immediate.

How to Unwind from the Stress of the Day

Routines can be very helpful in creating a StressLess lifestyle plan. The transition from work to home, or from activity to sleep are the perfect place to create a relaxing routine. The repetition of the routine can be calming and reduces anxiety. Once the routine is established – just walking in the door from work can start the relaxation process of the body and the mind. Creating a routine before bed will have you sleeping soundly.

Relaxing Routine Activities:

Exercise, taking a shower or bath, walking the dog, listening to music, restorative yoga postures, meditation or prayer, reading.

Remember all the senses

Think about creating a pleasant experience in any stress reducing activity. The walk after work should be down a pleasant street or through the park so that we can see the color green (relaxing) or hear the sound of water, smell the fragrance of flowers. The room we use for exercise, yoga or reading should be quiet, soothing colors and calming light. Our bath or shower experience should be enhanced with soaking salts to relax the muscles and essential oils to calm the mind. How we live our daily lives can contribute to our health in a very positive way if we create it that way. We have the power and the choice to make our lives Stressless.


Taking time for ourselves is so important, so try to implement these tips for relaxing today. If we are not well, then we cannot take care of the other important people and relationships in our lives. Schedule a massage, get a facial, go to a chiropractor, go to the movies, have a nice dinner, get away for a long weekend. All of these activities will reduce our stress and make us happier and healthy.

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