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We are a full service weight-loss and therapeutic massage center located in Camp Springs, Maryland near Andrew’s Air Force Base. Our program doesn’t require frequent gym trips making it the perfect fit for any busy schedule. Get Directions.

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6 Reasons to Join

Lower Cholesterol & Medications

Our clients have successfully lowered cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels; reduced medications.

Stop Feeling Hungry

Learn the art of crafting healthy meals. Our no calorie counting approach that ensures you’ll still be able to eat the foods you crave.

Keep the Weight Off

Keep up the good work with continued life coaching support and education designed just for you. Learn more about Phase 4.

Burn Fat, Not Muscle

High visceral body fat can lead to ailments like diabetes and cancer. We offer a free body composition analysis to make sure you lose body fat and protect lean muscle.

Feel Truly Supported

Be a part of a community where people encourage and uplift each other via social media, daily coaching videos, educational workshops and more. Attend an event.

Join the Stress Free Club

Step beyond the food and dive into your mood. We’ve developed a program to help improve your health by reducing stress levels. Join and get therapeutic massage sessions.