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Ketosis a normal metabolic process that occurs in our body everyday. But what is ketosis? When you eat carbohydrate-based foods, your body breaks it down into sugar, known as glucose. As consumers, we’ve ingested so much processed sugar that our bodies are programmed to rely on that source as fuel. As a sugar burner, you have only once source for fuel, the glucose. When the source of sugar is removed from the diet, the cells recognize the absence of glucose and produce ketones instead for fuel. These ketones fuel the body with reduced hunger and more energy.

When you stop eating carbohydrates altogether, the natural process of ketosis makes adjustments. As a result, the hormone insulin levels go down and fatty acids are released. As the process occurs, these fatty acids transfer to the liver where they oxidize and turn to ketones within the body. These molecules provide energy back to the body. Ketones also provide energy to the brain in the absence of glucose.

When you follow the Ideal Protein diet, your pancreas rests because there is no sugar for it to detect. As a result, it secretes only a small amount of insulin for vital body functions.  As long as the body is produces virtually no insulin, it is in a state of ketosis. Bottom line, it burns fat because it has no glucose for fuel.

Good news, the body functions naturally and effectively while in a state of dietary ketosis. In fact, the body is actually powered by ketone bodies while we sleep. Being in ketosis simply means your body burns fat in response to the absence of glucose. Subjecting the body to ketosis regularly may even beneficial to overall health and disease treatment. Talk to your coach about what to expect when in ketosis. If you are new to the Ideal Protein concept or want to know more about what ketosis is, start here or sign up for a free Introductory Workshop where our experienced coaches will break it all down.