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The Power of Touch

More Americans are discussing massage therapy with their doctors than ever before, accordingWhy Massage is Important to the The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Massages are no longer exclusive to fancy spas or upscale health clubs, but are becoming part of the corporate culture in businesses, clinics, hospitals and even airports.

What is a Massage?

A trained therapist manipulates muscles and soft tissues through touch to improve health, mobility, and well being. There are a variety of massage types and techniques that have been practiced for centuries in nearly every culture around the world as healing treatments. A massage specifically influences activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous system, which is why massage is important. The immediate affect is the reduction of stress and a feeling of calm. There are close to 100 different massage types and techniques. You should consult your health care professional to see what type of massage is best for your situation.

How Does Massage Work?

It all starts with the human touch. For centuries, the massage has promoted emotional and physical healing. Depending on the techniques used, a massage will either stimulate or calm the muscles and soft tissue for the desired result.  When the soft tissue is massaged, electrical signals are transmitted to the local tissue and throughout the body.  These signals contribute to healing damaged muscle, stimulate circulation, clear waste product through the lymphatic system, boost the immune system, reduce pain and tension, and best of all, induce a calming affect.

Who Does a Massage Help?

A massage will help those in search of relief from pain, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, stress, and a host of others conditions. Today, companies provide ‘massage perks’ to employees in high stress positions to help maintain a healthy mental disposition and improve productivity.  Massage therapy is becoming a poplar choice in alternative medicine and the list of conditions it can help, continues to grow.

What Should I Expect During a Massage?

Most massage clinics will ask clients to complete an interview detailing medical history, symptoms, and your expectations for the session. Your massage therapist will direct you to disrobe (in private) and slip under the sheet on the massage table. The room will be warm and free of distractions, except for soft music playing in the background. During the session, the therapist will use oils or lotion to reduce friction between their hand and your skin. The therapist will periodically ask if the pressure applied is too much or too little. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you not comfortable. It’s all about you!

Why Massage is Important: Benefits of Ongoing Massage Therapy

A massage can provide benefits beyond the first session.  Consider a regularly scheduled self-care regiment that includes a massage, like our StressLess Club. It’s easy to feel pampered during a massage, but don’t forget the healing therapeutic side and consider a massage as part of your ongoing wellness plan. Join our StressLess club today and enjoy better health at a great price!

Alternatively, learn more about why massage is important by browsing our message services and scheduling your appointment today!