Not sure whether you want to do a Tune Up or not? Check out our top 6 reasons why you should Tune Up below!

1. You’ll get a personalized plan to help YOU get back on track.

This year, instead of our normal Tune Up Workshops, we are having individual one-on-one appointments with our dieters to help them get back on track. Everyone’s path and goals are different, so why sit through another workshop when you need a personalized plan? During our 30-minute Tune Up Consultation, you and your coach will sit down and establish a plan to reach your weight loss or health goals.

2. You’ll save 10% off your food order.

When you sign up and attend a Tune Up Consultation during the month of September, you’ll save 10% on your food order! We are excited to offer this as an additional incentive to get you back on track. We’re only running this promotion in September, so don’t wait to save your spot.

3. The holidays are coming up.

Though they may seem far away, the holidays are actually in a few months! That means holiday parties, photo opportunities, and lots of delicious food. Let us help you look and feel your best in preparation for the busy holiday season, as well as help you establish healthy habits NOW.

4. You’re not the only one who may have put on a few pounds over the summer.

Everyone, including even some of our coaches, put on weight over the summer! Weight gain is our natural state of being, so it’s completely normal if a few pounds found their way onto the scale during summer BBQs, vacations, and pool parties. We have a team of coaches ready to help you, as well as additional resources like the Ideal Protein app and a Facebook support group. We’re here to provide encouragement, support, and share some recipes along the way. Be sure to like our Facebook page for additional daily inspiration.

5. We won’t make you feel embarrassed or guilty.

As we mentioned before, weight gain is completely normal, so please do not be embarrassed to come back and see us. Many of our dieters are in the same boat as you are, so we just want to help! We won’t yell at you or make you feel guilty if you’ve gotten a bit off track. It’s totally normal!

6. It’s easier to take off a few pounds now rather than later.

It’s easier to stop the weight gain now while it’s still small rather than waiting! It’s much easier to shed 5-10 pounds than it is to shed 20-25 pounds. Attend our free Tune Up Consultations to find out how to stop the weight gain now while it’s easier.