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Being successful at almost anything in life requires willpower and delayed gratification. The famous Stanford Study in the 1960’s by Walter Mischel and his graduate students gave young children a choice of having one marshmallow now or waiting to receive two. By following the same children years later, they found that the children that were able to delay the gratification and get the two marshmallows were more successful in their lives and were more healthy.

willpower and dietingIf you are on a diet, you are practicing delayed gratification. You are changing your eating habits – giving up those indulgent calorie laden sweets and savories for a greater good. This good comes much later than the immediate result of the taste of something sweet, salty, crunchy, or gooey that results in an immediate high. Improved health, fitting back in your expensive wardrobe, looking and feeling good again – to have this means delaying our gratification. Sometimes this is not an easy road. Developing our willpower is always worth the effort we achieve health, our happiness, and our true selves. Willpower and dieting are intertwined in a way that truly tests ourselves.

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